Vacation Homes

  • Did you know we travel???

    Have a vacation home in need of some spectacular lighting? Imagine Lighting Company can turn your home away from home into a lighting masterpiece for your neighbors to envy. We can bring our full installation crew and work with your landscapers to ensure that they can properly service the system in the future.

    Having quality lighting at your vacation homes is key for security at times you are away, our award winning designs are perfect for when your not!

  • A well designed outdoor lighting system at your vacation homewill add value to your property by bringing out it’s most beautiful features and expanding your living space. Coupling the science of LED Technology with our creative passion, we have the knowledge and experience to turn your dark and unseen space into a warm and inviting atmosphere. Illuminating beautiful brick or stonework, columns and statutes beautifully highlight your architectural investment while adding lights to your surrounding landscape adds depth and color.

  • From a standpoint of safety, landscape lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways and steps, as well as entrance ways and driveways. A well designed lighting system allows you and your guests to easily navigate around obstacles which otherwise may have not have been seen. You bought your vacation home so you can have your very own private resort away from home. Let us help you create the perfect resort atmosphere for you and your loved ones!