Specialty Lighting

Want to set the perfect mood for your patio? Bistro Lights!!!

  • Bistro Lights create the perfect ambiance for entertaining in small, quaint places like patios, decks, over pools or in pergolas. They are fantastic for giving beautiful, overhead light and can be installed in different patterns to fit the space.

    We’ve all seen them sold in big box stores and usually they are too long or too short for the application, leaving bulbs hanging everywhere or a big empty space on one side.

  • We install nothing but commercial grade string lights, custom cut to fit perfectly in any space. We offer both standard and suspended sockets and different bulb shapes from Vintage Edison to beautiful, big and round G50’s. We’ll help customize any space to fit your personality!

  • LED Strip Lights - Limitless Possibilities

    LED Technology has created new and exciting ways to introduce lighting techniques. Strip lighting is a fantastic option for lighting steps, bars, walkways, the options are only as limited as your imagination!

    And with dimming and color control options, you truly can create any ambiance you want, when you want.