Outdoor Lighting

A beautiful outdoor lighting design will turn your home’s exterior features into an artistic exhibit, softly and naturally.

We consider all aspects of your exterior and the way you use it when designing a lighting plan specifically for you. Having a multi-centric design process, we analyze your property from all viewing angles, including from the inside of your home. Your yard should look as beautiful from the inside as it does from the outside.

Lighting is a visual art. We conceptualize a beautiful design on site, considering not just the way your landscape looks now, but how it will look as it matures and grows over the years.  

Every Last Detail Matters

Outdoor Lighting is an art form. Each fixture should have a specific function, no matter how small or intricate. It’s those fine details that transform a landscape from one you’re happy with to one that blows you away. It’s not our intention to flood your property with light, we want to paint it subtlety with illumination that truly brings out the very best features of your home.

Unmatched Quality with Unlimited Options!

We offer a wide range of products, designed to fit any lighting application and budget!

We use only the finest materials from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. This gives us a wide array of options to design a perfect scene that is right for you. Guaranteed to last through season after season of harsh sun, rain, snow or ice, we have several lines available to fit any landscape and budget. When we say our fixtures are backed for life, we mean it!

Efficiency is a Must!

LED’s average an 80% savings over traditional outdoor lighting systems!

LED outdoor lighting systems today provide ideal color temperatures while only using a fraction of the energy. On average, our clients save between 75% and 85% in energy costs by using LED lighting systems.

Our LED’s last longer too! We carry several options with average life expectancy ratings of 50,000 to 60,000 hours. Rated for outdoor applications, our products have proven they last in the harshest conditions.

Why Choose Imagine Lighting Company?

Imagine the Difference!

During the initial consultation, we’ll go over the advantages of lighting both your public and private spaces. We will identify lighting options and techniques that will beautifully accentuate your home’s facade and landscape while also creating a safe and secure environment for your family and guests.

During the design phase, we will provide several ideas and options that perfectly compliment your property while providing the subtle utility lighting needed for your walkways, entryways and drives. There is no substitute for creativity and our designs are rather extensive but work can be done in phases to meet budget constraints or to meet other timelines.

Upon proposal acceptance, our installation team will work directly with the designer to ensure that every detail of the project is preformed to their exact specifications. Our crews take great care to preserve your most delicate plants and features during the installation process and work hard to make sure that once our job is complete, it looks like we were never there.

After the system is fully operational, our lead designer will come out during evening hours to make any adjustments necessary to perfect the installation. The smallest fixture movement can create a dramatically different look and we want detail t be absolutely perfect. Keep in mind, we aren’t happy until you are and will work with you until your smile lights up as much as your new lighting system!

Does your landscape investment get lost when the sun goes down?

Bring our your best nighttime features!

A well designed outdoor lighting system will add value to your property by bringing our it’s most beautiful features and expanding your living space. Outdoor living is a trend sweeping the nation and quality outdoor lighting can extend that space dramatically! Turn that dark, quiet void into a backyard escape that everyone loves!

Peace of Mind for Safer Nights

Quality Lighting is the Best Deterrent!

Security is an ever growing concern for all of us and one of the best ways to protect you and your family is having quality outdoor lighting. Its been proven that intruders will pass up a well lit home to find a darker and easier target. A well designed outdoor lighting system is a fantastic deterrent and we are experts at subtlety eliminating hiding places around windows and doors.

Landscape lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways and steps, as well as entrance ways and driveways. A well designed lighting system allows you and your guests to easily navigate around obstacles which otherwise may have not have been seen.

Want to set the perfect mood for your patio?

Bistro Lights!!!

Bistro Lights create the perfect ambiance for entertaining in small, quaint places like patios, decks, over pools or in pergolas. They are fantastic for giving beautiful, overhead light and can be installed in different patterns to fit the space.

We’ve all seen them sold in big box stores and usually they are too long or too short for the application, leaving bulbs hanging everywhere or a big empty space on one side.

We install nothing but commercial grade string lights, custom cut to fit perfectly in any space. We offer both standard and suspended sockets and different bulb shapes from Vintage Edison to beautiful, big and round G50’s. We’ll help customize any space to fit your personality!

Looking to create something truly dramatic!

How about Color and Control!!!

The advancements in solid state lighting over the past decade have opened up wonderful new opportunities in beautiful decorative lighting for your home or business! Controlling every aspect of your outdoor theme is now so easily done over your wifi or bluetooth connection!

  • Are you a big sports fan? Deck out your lighting in your favorite teams color!
  • Want to impress your colleagues and business partners during your next corporate party? Coordinate you lighting to the colors of your logo!
  • Having a baby? How about a beautiful pink or blue unveiling party with light!
  • Feeling Patriotic? Show off your Red, White and Blue Spirit!

The options are only as limited as your imagination and with a name like Imagine Lighting Company, you know we have the vision to help you create the perfect ambiance, anytime, for any event!  We have experience in installing some of the most sophisticated systems on the market today and the creativity to bring your dreams to light!  

Just Imagine :

  • Grouping lights together by specific areas or controlling them individually to set the perfect mood, anytime.
  • Dimming lights to set a softer mood for a more intimate setting.
  • Dimming your lights at different times of the night for increased energy savings yet keeping lights on throughout the night for safety and peace of mind.
  • Creating custom color themes that you can save for different holidays, corporate events or special engagements
  • Controlling every aspect of your lighting with the touch of a finger from your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere, anytime.

It has never been this easy to have the ultimate in lighting control and design. This sets a new precedence on what amazing lighting could be! The future is here and its available at a touch of your fingertips!

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Invest in your investment!

Imagine Lighting Company offers a fall/spring maintenance program to keep your beautiful lighting system working as well as the day it was installed. Your landscape is a living thing and mother nature has her way of letting us know that nothing is set it and forget it, that’s why semi-annual maintenance is so important.

Cleaning and repositioning fixtures, trimming back small plants that will grow over your light source, and adjusting timers are only a few things that maintenance agreements cover. For a copy of our standard maintenance agreement, click here.

Did you know we travel???

Have a vacation home in need of some spectacular lighting? Imagine Lighting Company can turn your home away from home into a lighting masterpiece for your neighbors to envy. We can bring our full installation crew and work with your landscapers to ensure that they can properly service the system in the future.

Having quality lighting at your vacation homes is key for security at times you are away, our award winning designs are perfect for when your not!