Commercial Christmas Lights

  • Lighting And Décor Displays For Your Business Has Many Advantages:

    • Our beautiful creations attract customers, getting people to really notice your business.
    • They also put your customers in the holiday spirit, the time of year people are more willing to spend money.
    • Our displays really set your business apart from the competition and have also can boost employee morale.
    • This expense can also be used as a useful tax write off.
  • We have been specializing in the industry for over a decade and can offer the widest array of services to choose from including:

    • Incandescent and LED roof-line installations
    • Lighted and decorated wreaths and garland
    • Custom tree wraps, accentuating bushes and shrubbery
    • Snowfall lighting
    • Image projection lighting
    • Beautiful, custom decorated Xmas trees
    • Accentuating doors, windows, fences, gates, awnings, and columns
    • Bows and ribbons
    • Custom ornament packages
    • Festival lighting
    • Light curtains
    • Lighted musical displays
    • Custom pole mounted banners, displays and overhead decor
    • Exclusive laser projection systems
    • LED color washes
  • What you can expect from Imagine Lighting Company:

    • A level of professionalism and dedication unmatched by anyone in the industry.
    • Electrical and Lighting design consultation as well as creative design suggestions.
    • A detailed estimate, description and layout of all of your holiday lighting and décor.
    • All lights, décor, electrical materials and timers to be supplied for the project.
    • Trained and Experienced designers and installers.
    • Certificates of additionally insured for all commercial clients detailing our $3,000,000 general liability, auto, and worker’s compensation insurance policies.
    • 24 hour repair policy by one of our day or night crews.
    • Prompt removal of all lighting and décor upon the end of the season.

    You can also expect year round support from your dedicated and knowledgeable staff, just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous decor package and the most hassle-free process so you can know full well that your patrons will enjoy spending more time (and money!) at your property!

    Give us a call to schedule a free, no obligation estimate today!