Patterns in Light - Shadows create a dramatic effect!

Published July 10th, 2015 by Devteam

Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

After nearly 11 years of designing beautiful lighting systems, one of my favorite styles of lighting has always been moonlighting. I always loved the shadows that you can create by positioning lights to shine through foliage or branches. It often creates the most spectacular effects and brings out the wow factor of a job.

Well recently I stumbled across some gorgeous decorative fixtures that create an even more dramatic effect. Attraction Lights has designed beautiful bollards, path lights and pillars in different styles and sizes to really set your lighting apart from the everyone else. With several designs already available and even custom options, you can create any effect you want. These are perfect for a centerpiece in your landscape or smaller versions can be used to light a distinctive path that is sure to grab attention and create great curb appeal.

Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

For business owners, these decorative bollards can be custom made with your logo, designed to your specifications and powder coated to match your corporate color scheme. Day or night, your guests and staff will absolutely love them!

Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

It's not often I get excited about working with a new company, I'm approached on a regular basis by so many manufacturers, trying to earn our business but almost never do I come across something this unique. I look forward to coming up with some my own designs as well!

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