Landscape Lighting 101

Published May 13th, 2014 by Devteam

Bronze Small Mushroom Path Light

Bronze landscape lights add a touch of elegance to your home! Solid, durable, and beautiful, these fixtures will last a lifetime!

Some of the main reasons to install landscape lighting include :

Security - Not only will low voltage lighting beautify the exterior of your home and landscape, it will provide your property with an increased level of security. Our lighting experts are trained to strategically place lights to evenly distribute low levels of illumination around your home and surrounding landscape. Properly lit, your home’s points of entrance become too risky for criminals to enter.

Safety – Low voltage lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways, as well as entrance ways and driveways. Properly placed path lighting allows for owners and visitors alike to carefully navigate around obstacles which otherwise may have not have been seen.

Usability – Many people take for granted when they remodel their landscape or home that much of the work goes left unseen at night. Public and recreational areas can be enjoyed at any time with just a few low voltage lights.

Beauty – Give your home some character and life at night. A good lighting design can create a wide array of moods while adding value to the property.

A few properly positioned lights can really add character to your property. 

Properly positioned lights can paint walls with amazing shadows.

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