Kelvin Temperature - What does it mean?

Published April 20th, 2015 by Devteam

Now that LED lighting is taking over the  industry, the technology has allowed us to see light in a whole new way.  Besides being more efficient and great for the environment, LED  lighting offers a wide variety of color temperatures to help create the  perfect mood and ambiance for any space.

For example, the light you want in your living room at night while  watching TV should create a calm, warm and inviting atmosphere while at  the office, a whiter and cleaner light is much better for productivity.  Color temperature of light is broken down using the Kelvin scale.

There are 3 ranges of light that are mainly used for different environments :

Warm White (Up to 3000 K) : This range of  light is perfect for producing a calm relaxing environment. Light in  this range is great for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, restaurants  and bars.

Cool White (3100 K to 4500 K) : This range  of light is great for producing a friendly and inviting light, perfect  for basements, garages and most work environments. Lighting in this  range is great for daytime as productivity is essential during working  hours.

Day Light / Full Spectrum (4600 K to 6500 K) : This range of light is best suited for display lighting, security  lighting and in parking garages. This range of light is best suited when  using security cameras as this light produces the most crisp and clean  detail.

Another option to create specific moods for a particular setting or event is using colored light. 

Colored Light : If you really want to set a  specific mood as well, nothing works better than colored light. Red  lights spark passion and are perfect for setting a romantic atmosphere  while purple light can inspire creativity. Setting the mood and  environment with the right light is a great way to get the results you  want.

With LED lighting, color changing options make it easy to set the  mood right at that moment and change that mood as needed with a simple  remote control or even your smart phone. LED’s have made the lighting  industry much more exciting because the technology is allowing to create  dramatic effects that change with the times.

This lighting blog is published by Anthony Bogdanovich of Imagine  Lighting Co., all rights reserved. Anthony is a lighting designer and  installer who has been creating dramatic lighting effects for the past  decade. For more information or to schedule an appointment, email us at

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