Giant Ornaments - The perfect photo op for your customers!

Published September 27th, 2014 by Devteam

Giant High Gloss Ornament Cluster

If you manage or own a commercial shopping center, restaurant or any other type of business, you know that creating photo ops are a great way to keep people entertained while visiting during the holidays. Now a days, everyone has a cell phone with a camera and posting pictures to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a daily occurrence. Not only do they take pictures, they check in, letting every one know where they are, giving their friends a visual interpretation of their experience.

By giving your customers some large holiday decor to pose around, they will have a blast taking pictures. Their social media posts will have these pictures of your property spread like wild fire! The next thing you know, everyone and anyone from the local community will want to come see your decor, getting their own pictures as well. Nothing could be better for business!!!

There are so many options when it comes to ground decor. From giant high gloss ornaments to jumbo light bulbs, oversized snowmen and reindeer, ground decor will keep your customers happily snapping those photos. Kids are especially drawn to these items and mom and dad will be happy to show their kids posing with these delightful decorations to all of their family and friends.

The more creative you are the better! Setting your business aside from the competition during the holidays is the best way to keep people coming back often, at a time when they are a little more willing to spend money.

Social media is a great way to advertise your business and much of it can be done for you by your customers, all you need is something unique that draws attention. What better time to drive your business than during the holidays!

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