Holiday Décor Warranty


We warranty to the original buyer that all of our displays and accessories will be free from manufacturer’s defects under normal conditions of use and service. This protection is extended for six (6) seasons on all steel frames, five (5) seasons on garland, three (3) seasons on electrical wiring, and one (1) season on all computerized lighting modules. This warranty does not apply to light bulbs or light strands. Pole Mount displays are designed to withstand up to 40 mph winds with no ice load. Obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing any part that is found to be defective.

LED Light strands have a warranty for three (3) seasons or 25,000 hours, whichever comes first. Simply ship the product to us and we will replace the LED Light strand free of charge.

Frame Trees are covered by a ten (10) year warranty against defect under normal conditions and use.

All items not specifically listed are covered by a one (1) season (60 day) warranty.

Under this warranty, the company’s obligation to repair or replace is on a non pro-rated basis. Labor to install and the cost of shipping are not included in this warranty and are expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. Bulb burnouts or electrical damage caused by the buyer or weather elements, or damage caused by rough handling in transit are not covered by this warranty. Therefore, units should be inspected and tested for bulb outage upon delivery and prior to installation. All merchandise is carefully inspected before packing and is packed in an approved manner when it leaves our shipping facility.


Banner and Bracket Warranty


Digital banners are warranted for three (3) years from manufacturer defects and fading when installed per the instructions on Wind Breaker Banner Brackets. Wind Breaker Banner Brackets are guaranteed for six (6) years against defects in material and workmanship when installed according to our installation instructions. Please note - any banner programs up over 30 days must use "Bandit-It" stainless steel banding (Model #206) and the banding must wrap around the pole twice (x2) before clamping the buckles to qualify for warranty. After three (3) years we prorate our warranty by 50% from the date of delivery. Also, as noted in your instructions, inspect your banner installation 30 days after initial installation and every 60 days there after making any appropriate adjustments. Please verify with your light pole manufacturer or a structural engineer to insure that the light pole is suitable for a banner bracket and a banner application.


Landscape Lighting Product Warranty


CAST Lighting warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship. Without charge, CAST Lighting will either repair or replace (CAST Lighting reserves the right to decide between repair or replacement) any properly installed CAST Lighting product which fails under normal operating conditions and has not undergone abuse beyond normal wear-and-tear within the specified warranty period.

All items are warranted from the date of invoice.

Lighting Fixtures (does not include Demo Kit components)

  • All fixture parts: Lifetime Warranty (See galvanized steel stems and LED Circuit exceptions below)
  • All galvanized steel stems: 10-Year Warranty

Transformers (does not include Electronic Mini-Transformers)

  • Windings and Stainless Steel (SS Series) Enclosures: Lifetime Warranty (see salt spray exposure exception below)
  • Mild Steel (PS Series) Enclosures: 3-Year Warranty
  • Electrical Components: 3-Year Warranty
  • Photocells and Timers: 3-Year Warranty

Electronic Mini-Transformers: 3-Year Warranty

No-Ox® Wire: 25-Year Warranty

Tools and Meters (includes Impressionist Dimmer Control- CDIMMER): 1-Year Warranty

Demo Kit Components: 90-Day Warranty

Incandescent Lamps:  No Warranty

LED Circuits

Cast Lighting LLC warrants its LED circuits (includes LED drivers, chips, and replaceable LED modules) when purchased from an authorized Cast Lighting distributor to the original purchaser as follows.

Extended Warranty for LED Lamps and Integrated LED Circuits (applies when an approved CAST Lighting transformer and dimmer (if used) powers and controls the system):

  • Dynasty LED (Used in CCH5LED1): 5 years
  • CAST Integrated LED’s & Modules: 5 years
  • CAST LED Perimeter Light: 3 years

The following CAST Lighting transformers are approved for use with CAST Lighting LED circuits:

  • CJT150SSMT
  • CJ300SSM
  • CJ300PSMT
  • CJ600SSMT
  • CJ600PSMT
  • CJ900SSMT
  • CM900SSMT
  • CM1200SSMT
  • CM1500SSMT
  • CPT300
  • CPT600
  • Also includes all E1 models (220/240 V Export Series) of these transformers


A complete list of approved transformers and dimming devices is available in Cast Lighting’s published “Transformer and Dimmer Compatibility List” - accessible on product specification pages in the CAST Lighting website.

Use of non-approved transformers or dimmers reduces term of LED warranty coverage to one year after date of invoice.


Transformer Warranty covers only properly installed and maintained transformers. Transformers returned and inspected at the Cast Lighting service center found to have the following will not be covered by warranty:

  • Transformers left operating in a horizontal position or while in contact with the ground,
  • Transformers left operating without cover in place as evidenced by internal weather or water damage,
  • Transformers with missing covers or other supplied parts,
  • Transformers with cut power cords, or that have been altered in any way,
  • Transformers damaged by loose terminal block screws.
  • Transformers installed within one thousand feet of any salt-water source must be installed in an enclosure such as by Hoffman MFG or in a building, shed or suitable protection to avoid salt spray damage to the transformer. Damage from salt spray is not covered by this warranty. Installations in a building must adhere to specific local electrical code. Contact local electrical authority for details specific to your municipality or governing body.


Transformers that are returned to distributor and claim to be defective must be bench tested by the distributor prior to obtaining an RGA from Cast Lighting. To replace a transformer that is suspected of having a warranted defect the original purchaser must contact Cast Lighting LLC and obtain a return goods authorization (RGA) and ship FOB destination to the Cast Lighting service center identified on the RGA. Transformer will be repaired and returned to customer either with a like model swapped out for the returned unit or the actual returned unit being repaired and returned to the customer. Cast Lighting reserves the right to issue a credit, repair, or swap-out with a rebuilt transformer any defective transformer.

If returned transformers are found to require repairs not covered under warranty, then the customer will be notified of the repair charge and given forty-five days from the date of estimate to choose to either repair, return un-repaired, or to abandon ownership. Transformers held over forty five days (without communication from owner) will be considered abandoned and CAST Lighting will assume ownership. If owner authorizes unwarranted repairs, then the owner will be responsible for all repair, packaging, and shipping costs.

In addition to the above, all returned transformers must be tagged with customer’s name, contact person, problem encountered, cell phone number and e-mail information. Do not write on transformer with a magic marker. Transformer must be packaged properly to avoid shipping damage.


Claims Procedure

To replace a product that is suspected of having a warranted defect, the original purchaser must contact Cast Lighting LLC and obtain a return goods authorization (RGA) and ship FOB destination to the Cast Lighting service center identified on the RGA. Original owner must include proof of purchase, original purchasers name, return address and a detailed description of the allegedly defective parts or products.

Purchaser is responsible for the cost of labor to remove, repair, and reinstall any product. Cast Lighting LLC reserves the right to have a Cast Lighting authorized technician inspect the installation prior to removal of product to verify defect claim. If any of the warranted products are found by Cast lighting to be defective, such products will, at Cast Lighting LLC’s sole discretion, be replaced, repaired or refunded less an amount directly attributable to the owner’s prior use – such use to be calculated as a percentage of published estimated life.

Repaired or replaced product will be returned prepaid according to the shipping information provided by the original purchaser as noted on the RGA. The parties hereto expressly agree that purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against Cast Lighting LLC shall be for the repair, replacement, or refund of defective products as provided herein. This warranty extends only to product ownership by original purchaser and is not transferable whether to heirs, subsequent owners, or otherwise. This warranty does not cover labor or any other expenses to remove or install any defective, repaired, or replaced product.

This warranty does not apply to any products that have been subject to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect (including but not limited to improper maintenance), accident, improper installation, acts of god, improper packaging of returned products, modification, lightning strikes, voltage surges, or operating voltages in excess of +/ – 10% of the standard supply voltage of 120 volts or 230/240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz.

The forgoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied including those of merchantability, fitness, or for any particular purpose or infringement. Original purchaser shall in no event be entitled to, and Cast lighting shall not be liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, injury to reputation, and/or loss of customers. No employee or agent of Cast Lighting may extend, modify and /or change the terms of this warranty.


All Other Products

All items not specifically listed may be covered by other manufacturer warranties. Imagine Lighting Company will honor all warranty stipulations for each manufacturer. If you have a question on warranty information regarding any specific products, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you!



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