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From design to installation, Imagine Lighting Company is proud to be the leaders in the specialty lighting industry and strive to conduct ourselves as such. 
We specialize in creating lighting masterpieces but also encourage your creative input and ideas.

The Process Is Simple:

Contact us with your request and any other information about your project you see fit. One of our professional designers will come to you at no obligation to provide you with a detailed estimate outlining multiple options. 
Once your installation is scheduled, you can guarantee punctual and courteous service from our installation staff, any issues or repairs to be handled within 24 hours, and removal of displays at the end of the season in a timely, efficient and orderly manner. 

We would be more than happy to come by your home or office to provide you with a free estimate at no obligation!


Fiber Optic Lighting

Looking to create an amazing a dramatic effect! Our Fiber Optic Light Systems are the number one choice for many of our prestigious clients. We have systems available to fit any size job or specifications.

Self-contained kits are available but we can also custom build solutions that fit your specific needs. These amazing fiber optic lights can create several effects, change color and twinkle to add a bit of magic to your scene. We have the highest quality Fiber Optic Harnesses and end fittings, guaranteed to create the mood you are looking for.

From Cabinet and Display Lighting, Star Effect Lighting, Fiber Optic Chandeliers, to any specialty application you have in mind, our Fiber Optic Lighting Systems are sure to wow everyone who sees them.

Fiber Optic Lighting systems are safe to use as the fibers carry zero electricity. They are completely perfect in wet locations and can is also safe to the touch.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or to schedule a no obligation lighting consultation.

Fine Art and Cabinet Lighting

Imagine Lighting Company uses nothing but the finest low voltage display cabinet and fine art lighting engineered in the world. Our products deliver precise measurements and variations of light from concealed sources. Our lighting systems allow you to “light your art from within” and can come available with a UV filter that virtually eliminates all of the Ultraviolet and infrared radiation that can damage your fine art. Our custom strip lighting is built to each individual requirement to ensure the best quality of light from an invisible source.Our custom strip lighting is built to each individual requirement to ensure the best quality of light from an invisible source.

Our fine lighting collection and practical experience will help add a touch of elegance to your home or office. We work hard to showcase your cherished collectibles and bring out those hidden treasures and works of art with an aesthetic soft light.Functional or used to highlight a decorative centerpiece in any room, cabinet lighting can be installed inside furniture to brighten up a set of shelves or along an outside edge. This creates some dramatic, eye-catching effects.Perfect for food preparation, and for night owls grabbing a late night snack, cabinet lighting provides that soft light, bright enough to see clearly while not disturbing anyone else.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or to schedule a no obligation lighting consultation.


Cove Lighting

One of the most dynamic ways to showcase interior architecture and one of the most notable forms of indirect lighting. Cove lighting designs are aesthetic, functional and create the most intricate accents.

The  dynamics of interior design are accentuated by indirect lighting. Cove lighting fills the corners of your room with an ambient glow that follows the perimeter of the ceiling and accents the architectural keynotes of the ceiling’s dimensions. 

Low-level illumination, like cove lighting is often preferable to brighter, direct lighting.  Our lighting controls also allow users to dim the level of light so it is reflected from the ceiling in varying degrees, allowing to emphasize the dimension and colors within the room, or  generate a mood that is warm and relaxed. 

Concealment from every angle of floor level is key as only the illumination should be viewed, never the light source itself. LED ribbon technology is key in generating a continuous spread of light that magically springs from the ceiling itself.  Cove lighting is the perfect accent to any living space that needs a little extra something.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information or to schedule a no obligation lighting consultation.

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Laser Projectors

Imagine Lighting Company is proud to offer a line of indoor / outdoor laser lighting projectors that create an explosion of thousands of pin points of light. These low voltage light projectors incorporate laser and optical elements that create a lighting effect that is breathtaking and magical. Perfect for trees and landscapes, under canopies and gazebos, pointing upward these lights create a mesmerizing ‘universe’ of stars.

These lights are perfect for both residential and commercial applications and can transform any hard to light area into a unique, never-before-seen, atmosphere. Our laser projection systems create an elegant and jaw dropping effect for any event or party. A 50 mw laser module allows it to produce an effect that covers a very large area. Watch thousands of moving pin-points of green light dance in pattern on a soft blue nebula cloud. It's truly amazing to see such a compact projector produce such an enormous amount of light.

Specialty Lighting Products

Specializing in the lighting industry for the past decade has help us build strong relationships with the finest manufacturers and suppliers. This allows us to provide you with a complete line of quality products at modest prices. From LED Strip Lights to Fiber Optics and laser projectors, Imagine Lighting Company has everything available for your lighting project. Are products are all available online for you to look at. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information.

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01. What is LED Strip Lighting ?
LED Strip lights are a ultra thin, colorful light strip, You can cut them to practically any length and they can be manipulated to move and bend easily on almost any surface.

02. What could I use LED Strip Lights for?
You name it! We have seen them used on cars, boats, SUVs, under furniture, behind entertainment centers, under rails, the list goes on and on. Because of their low profile nature, they can be used without being seen.

03. Are LED Strip Lights Difficult to Install?
They can be applied with either an adhesive backing or with mounting clips, you can put these lights practically anywhere, all you need is a near by outlet or electrical source.

04. Do I have to use color? I would like them to have a warm, incandescent feel.
We have color options ranging from 2700 K to 5000 K so there is no problem providing that soft glow you are looking for.

05. Are LED Strips super bright? I am looking for subtle lighting.
You can control the brightness of our LED light strips as long as you have a dimming controller installed to your AC adapter. You can set the level of illumination depending on your needs.

06. I’m not sure what color I am looking for or what feel I want it to have.
With LED Strip Lights, you don’t have to, RGB’s are available that change color, are dimmable and you can also place numerous effects on them. It’s nice to have the option to change, this way you can set any mood you want.




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Imagine Lighting Company has the knowledge and experience to make all your decorative lighting dreams come true! From Christmas light installation to landscape lighting, cabinet lighting and more, we will work with you to create a lighting design that will truly compliment your property.  


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