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LED Lighting has many benefits over traditional Incandescent Lighting. With any color now available, LED’s can provide the softest light for serene environments to intense lighting for nighttime sports and games.

In fact there are several intangible benefits from the improved quality of lighting.

Studies have shown that light quality can have many positive advantages including a boost in mood and spirits.

A 75% to 80% savings in energy with an increased CRI (color rendering index) giving you an overall better quality of light with a far less degradation of luminous output as compared to incandescent halogen lighting.
Maintenance is virtually eliminated. LED life expectancies greatly exceed incandescent light bulbs so often times the only maintenance involved is cleaning fixture lenses and pruning foliage in outdoor applications.

Reduction of heat from LED lighting broadens the scope of illumination because energy consumption is derived from light production and not heat from glowing metal.The reduction in energy consumption from switching to LED lighting directly correlates to an immediate benefit to the environment. The reduction in the amount of energy used reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves thousands of gallons of fresh water used by power plants.

LED’s are also 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life and contain none of the mercury and other poisonous metals used in incandescent light bulbs. Making them truly the most environmentally friendly option available.



Our LED retrofits are custom installed depending on each individual project. We proudly use products manufactured in the USA and carry a 5-year warranty. Our LED light engines are UL listed, DLC (Design Light Consortium) qualified and are LIGHTING FACTS LABELED as a retrofit, which means it carries these certifications regardless of the fixture they are installed in.

Residential Applications for LED retrofitting include:

Any lighting that operates between 6 and 24 hours on a daily basis
Landscape and Architectural Lighting
Lighting fixtures that are hard to reach or almost impossible to access.
Exterior tower lighting, lighting facades, extremely high ceiling fixtures and underwater and fountain lights.
Use in locations where the excessive heat generated from traditional halogen lamps can create hazards to your personal items or property as well as personal discomfort in seating areas.
Over the life of your system, LED lighting will save thousands in energy and maintenance costs.For more information or to schedule a no obligation lighting consultation, feel free to contact us any time. We will be happy to answer your questions and go over the benefits of LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency Products

Imagine Lighting Company has been committed to providing the finest LED retrofit products in the Industry. Proudly made in the U.S.A., they are designed and manufactured to outperform all other products and prove to be the most reliable, durable, and universally adjustable LED lighting retrofit kits on the market today!

Our products win in life rating, wattage savings, payback, CRI (Color Rendering Index), and the ability to retrofit versus every competitor.

Manufactured with active and passive cooling technology, our LED’s have the best thermal management in the industry by constantly managing voltage and power to each individual LED. (This is why our LED lamps have a 100,000 plus life expectancy)

Our LED retrofit units are designed to fit into almost any and every existing fixture using custom fabricated plates and brackets for easy plug and play installation. This allows you to keep your current fixtures, saving you thousands!!!

They also can be articulated with a wide array of innovative optics, delivering light precisely where it’s needed.

Other important information regarding Imagine Lighting Company’s LED Retrofit Kits:

5 – year manufacturers warranty backed by our matching labor warranty. (We are so confident of our LED retrofit kits that we are the only installation company that will match the manufacturers warranties)

Over a 75% reduction in energy consumption

100,000 + hour life on each LED lamp

100,000 hour life on cooling fan

80,000 + life on the ballast (manufactured by Phillips)

Completely Customizable for every application

Maintenance completely eliminated for a minimum 5 years

UL Listed, DLC (Design Light Consortium) qualified and “LIGHTING FACTS LABELED” as a retrofit.

An available “Energy Savings Mode” allowing you to power down to 50% output for a selected amount of time in the middle of the night with 100% power up a few hours before dusk.

Auto ranging of voltage from 100 to 277 VAC

Safety feature modes that protect your asset from power surges, dips, etc.

A much better light quality, providing for better safety, security, and visibility. Improved lighting can also boost worker morale and encourage consumer spending

Complete payback generally in 12 to 36 months of installation, depending on current energy consumption values

If you would like more information, a complete list of products or to schedule a no obligation energy assessment, please feel free to contact us any time.



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