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From design to installation, Imagine Lighting Company is proud to be the leaders in the specialty lighting industry and strive to conduct ourselves as such.
We specialize in creating lighting masterpieces but also encourage your creative input and ideas.

The process is simple : Contact us with your request and any other information about your project you see fit. One of our professional designers will come to you at no obligation to provide you with a detailed estimate outlining multiple options.
Once your installation is scheduled, you can guarantee punctual and courteous service from our installation staff, any issues or repairs to be handled within 24 hours, and removal of displays at the end of the season in a timely, efficient and orderly manner.We would be more than happy to come by your home or office to provide you with a free estimate at no obligation!


Commerical Services

Lighting and Décor displays for your business has many advantages:
Our beautiful creations attract customers, getting people to really notice your business.
They also put your customers in the holiday spirit, the time of year people are more willing to spend money.
Our displays really set your business apart from the competition and have also can boost employee morale.
This expense can also be used as a useful tax write off.

For years we have been specializing in the industry and can offer the widest array of products for you to choose from including:
♦ Incandescent and LED roofline installations
♦ Lighted and decorated wreaths and garland
♦ Custom tree wraps, accentuating bushes and shrubbery
♦ Snowfall Lighting
♦ Image Projection Lighting
♦ Custom Decorated Xmas trees
♦ Accentuating doors, windows, fences, gates, awnings, and columns
♦ Bows and Ribbons
♦ Custom ornament packages
♦ Festival Lighting
♦ Light Curtains
♦ Lighted musical displays
♦ Custom pole mounted banners and displays
♦ Eco friendly products and solutions
♦ Exclusive laser projection systems
♦ LED color washes
♦ Year round support from your dedicated and knowledgeable staff
♦ Any other lighting display you can possibly Imagine!!!

What you can expect from Imagine Lighting Company: 
A level of professionalism and dedication unmatched by anyone in the industry. 
Electrical and Lighting design consultation as well as creative design suggestions. 
A detailed estimate, description and layout of all of your holiday lighting and décor.

All lights, décor, electrical materials and timers to be supplied for the project. 
Trained and Experienced designers and installers. 
Certificates of additionally insured for all commercial clients detailing our $3,000,000 general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies. 
24 hour repair policy by one of our day or night crews.
Prompt removal of all lighting and décor upon the end of the season. 
Complete clean up, organization, and storage of all supplies and materials upon removal.



Imagine Lighting Co.


Imagine Lighting Company has the knowledge and experience to make all your decorative lighting dreams come true! From Christmas light installation to landscape lighting, cabinet lighting and more, we will work with you to create a lighting design that will truly compliment your property.  


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