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Specializing in the holiday lighting industry for the past decade has help us build strong relationships with the finest manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. This allows us to provide you with a complete line of quality products at modest prices.

From string lights to wreaths and skyline decor, Imagine Lighting Company has everything available for your holiday project.

We have put together a catalog of products for you to look at. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information. 

Discounts are available for larger orders!


01. Does your installation include removal?

They do. Our estimates include both installation and removal as well as light and supply rentals for the season. Our removal schedule begins on January 2nd and is done on a geographical basis to ensure a quick removal for everyone.

02. How do you calculate your estimates?

There are several factors that contribute to the estimated price of a job. These factors include the complexity of the display, linear footage, electrical constraints, and of course the length of time necessary to complete the job. There is no specific formula we can use, as every job poses its own difficulties but we can assure you that our rates are more than competitive with any other licensed and fully insured professional installer.

03. What happens if I have a problem with my lights?

If there are any problems with our lighting installation during the season, we guarantee 24 – hour repair service by one of our day or evening installation crews. We work hard to ensure a hassle free installation but mother nature and landscape irrigation can sometimes cause problems with our lighting installations. We recommend setting sprinklers for the morning hours to avoid heavy moisture when the lights are on. GFI issues can also arise with heavy rains.

04. Are there any hidden charges?

We can assure you that the price we quote is the price you pay. There are never any additional charges as long as we provide all the necessary materials for the installation.

05. When should I schedule my Christmas light installation?

Our schedule has been known to fill up rather quickly. The sooner you schedule your estimate, the easier it will be to guarantee a reservation. Installations begin in early October, our biggest discount period, and end in mid December. Early installation is rewarded with large discounts, yet the lights do not have to be turned on until you would like them to. Come Thanksgiving, our schedule gets extremely busy and estimates given around that time usually cannot be installed until the second week of December.

06. Do I need to be home during the installation?

Unless we are doing an interior installation, there is no need for you to be present. We will call you the day before your scheduled install to remind you to unlock any gates we may need access through as well as put up any animals that may not be friendly to our installers.

07. Why should I choose Imagine Lighting Company over the competition?

Besides our years of experience, dedication to each and every client and attention to detail that sets our installations aside from the others, we take pride in ensuring that every step is taken to protect our customers’ properties as well. Be weary of unlicensed and uninsured companies. Also verify your installation company carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance for their employees as well. We spare no expense to ensure not only will your display be the envy of the community but you can also have the piece of mind that you chose a company dedicated to your safety and investment. We treat each property as if it were our own.



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Imagine Lighting Company has the knowledge and experience to make all your decorative lighting dreams come true! From Christmas light installation to landscape lighting, cabinet lighting and more, we will work with you to create a lighting design that will truly compliment your property.  


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