01. Why should I consider changing out my current lighting to LED?
Like most technology in the past decade, lighting innovation through LED development has become the most viable option for producing a much better quality of light at using a fraction of the energy. High intensity discharge lighting hasn’t changed much since the advent of the light bulb in the 19th century. Why would you even consider keeping around your power grabbing dinosaurs?

02. I really don’t have the time to look over a lengthy proposal and am happy with my current situation, why should I change now?
We know our clients are extremely busy these days. We only need some basic information or lighting site plans of your facility. We will prepare a short form return on your investment for your project detailing the benefits, cost savings and repayment schedule. We guarantee you will see a positive cash flow from day one and it wont take much of your time in the least bit.

03. We have already created our budget this year and there is no room for such a costly expense at this time.
Imagine Lighting Company is so committed to your efficiency programs that we will install our LED retrofits at no upfront cost to you. The project will be completely financed by a portion of your energy and maintenance savings, costs you would have to incur regardless of the conversion or not. The longer you delay the more savings you and your company will lose. There is no better time to retrofit your HID lighting and there is no better company to do it!

04. I'm skeptical of changing to LED lighting, What if it wont benefit me as much as you say it will?
Calculations of energy consumption is a very straight forward process. Our LED retrofit kits give a much better quality of light using a fraction of the wattage. For example. Our 93 Watt LED unit will replace a 400 watt metal halide bulb. This saves you 313 watts of energy per unit. The return on investment that you will see will directly correlate to the drop in energy consumption. Imagine Lighting Company will also match all of our manufacturers warranties with a matching labor warranty. Our LED retrofit kits come with a 5 year warranty with an option to extend it to ten years. That means zero maintenance costs for the life of the warranty, guaranteed.

05. Will the reduction in power decrease my light output?
In actuality, you can expect the opposite. Our LED retrofit kits run at a much higher luminous output as compared to metal halide or sodium vapor bulbs. The CRI index for our LED units are comparable to daylight and degrade at a rate of less than 1% per year as opposed to 30% for High Intensity Discharge Lamps.

06. What other incentives can you offer?
We work with all local government agencies and utility companies to ensure we can capture any benefit from going green. Many rebate and incentive programs are based on a first come, first served basis. Once funds are depleted, the incentives won't be available so delaying your project could potentially cost you thousands of additional dollars. Rules and requirements for incentive programs can be difficult to understand and they vary for every agency. We have a dedicated team of specialists making sure that every incentive offered will be available to you.

07. Will installation disrupt business hours or operations?
Most installations can be scheduled during non-hours of operation and Imagine Lighting Company will work to make sure that there is little or no disruption during your conversion. We understand the losses down time can create and we guarantee our installation crews will work around any schedule. Most times our clients never even notice we were there at all.



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