Today we’d like to introduce you to Anthony Bogdanovich.

Anthony, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I started in fall, 2004 with a little residential Xmas light installation business. I had just left from working in the medical field and wanted to do something completely different. Instantly I fell in love with doing lighting and decor and began developing fantastic relationships with my clients. After that first holiday season, one of my clients asked if I could fix their exterior lighting for them and ended up installing a whole new system that spring. It was huge property in Lunada Bay and the results were absolutely stunning! Other neighbors quickly approached us and over the next few jobs, I really enjoyed designing and installing outdoor lighting systems.

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Arclight Cinemas - Sunset and Vine, Hollywood, CA

2015 has flown by and before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. If you run a commercial property, store front, or restaurant, this is a crucial time of the year for your business. Providing a festive environment for your patrons is a sure fire way to keep them entertained and spending money! One thing is for certain, decorating for the holidays helps attract customers, getting people to really notice your business.

Lights and decor also put your customers in the holiday spirit, the time of year people are more willing to spend money.
Having a gorgeous holiday decor package can really set your business apart from the competition and also can boost employee morale. This expense can also be used as a useful tax write off.

Some easy ways to decorate your business for the holidays include :

Incandescent and LED Roof-line Installations - Simple light strings down the perimeter roofline of your property can often be seen from long distances.

Lighted and Decorated Wreaths and Garland - Greenery really gives that winter feel, getting people in the holiday spirit.

Custom Tree Wraps, Accentuating Bushes and Shrubbery - Lighting plants and bushes around the property give it depth and add a nice touch.

Snowfall Lighting - Moving lights really attract eyes! LED snowfall is a perfect addition to help add a magic touch that is sure to dazzle patrons.

Image Projection Lighting - Do you want to relay a special message? Do it with an image projection system. You can custom design any message, perhaps your logo, and shine it in light against a prominent area of your property.

Custom Decorated Christmas Trees - Nothing says the holidays like a big, beautiful decorated Christmas Tree. Always sure to be a hit and a major focal point.

Accentuating Doors, Windows, Fences, Gates, Awnings, and Columns - Just like bushes and shrubs, highlighting windows, doors, etc. will give your property different levels of light. This is an easy way to add a little something special for the holidays.

Bows and Ribbons - Beautiful Bows add a festive feel and are a low cost option for highlighting your light poles or fixtures

Festival Lighting - This is a perfect way to add a little decorative lighting overhead in a courtyard or walkway between buildings. Perfect for year-round applications, this helps create a warm and comfortable feel in seating, waiting and walking areas. The more comfortable, the longer people stay, that means spending more money!

Light Curtains - This is a classy way to add something special, light curtains work perfectly under signage or in tall windows

Lighted Musical Displays - Adding music to any lighting display really helps put people in the holiday spirit. A catchy holiday playlist is relaxing and helps slow down the shopping experience.

Custom Pole Mounted Banners and Displays - Get them in the spirit long before they even get in the doors. Parking lot banners and decor are a great way to get customers in the holiday spirit before they even get out of their cars.

Laser Projection Systems - Want to really create an experience that will keep your customers coming back? Laser projectors can create a star field from above that your customers can walk through. Interactive lighting is sure to be a hit with young and old!

LED color washes - Have gorgeous architecture? Show it off for the holidays with LED color washes. Red and Green washes are traditional but you can create any feel you want with these fully programmable devices.


There are so many ways to make your property stand out from the rest, even simple light strings across the perimeter of your building add so much life during the holidays! One thing's for sure, planning and preparations can insure whatever you do goes off with out a hitch! Dont wait, start thinking about it today!

This lighting blog is published by Anthony Bogdanovich of Imagine Lighting Co., all rights reserved. Anthony is a lighting designer and installer who has been creating dramatic lighting effects for over the past decade. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please send us an email at

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Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

After nearly 11 years of designing beautiful lighting systems, one of my favorite styles of lighting has always been moonlighting. I always loved the shadows that you can create by positioning lights to shine through foliage or branches. It often creates the most spectacular effects and brings out the wow factor of a job.

Well recently I stumbled across some gorgeous decorative fixtures that create an even more dramatic effect. Attraction Lights has designed beautiful bollards, path lights and pillars in different styles and sizes to really set your lighting apart from the everyone else. With several designs already available and even custom options, you can create any effect you want. These are perfect for a centerpiece in your landscape or smaller versions can be used to light a distinctive path that is sure to grab attention and create great curb appeal.


Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

For business owners, these decorative bollards can be custom made with your logo, designed to your specifications and powder coated to match your corporate color scheme. Day or night, your guests and staff will absolutely love them!


Photo courtesy of Attraction Lights

It's not often I get excited about working with a new company, I'm approached on a regular basis by so many manufacturers, trying to earn our business but almost never do I come across something this unique. I look forward to coming up with some my own designs as well!

This lighting blog is published by Anthony Bogdanovich of Imagine Lighting Co., all rights reserved. Anthony is a lighting designer and installer who has been creating dramatic lighting effects for over the past decade. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please send us an email at

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Photos courtesy of FX Luminare.

Since the LED revolution began, we are finding out that there are new and exciting ways to make our everyday lighting interactive, allowing us to set lighting to our moods and feelings. Now it is easy than ever to create color with your exterior lighting with this new system from FX Luminaire. The Luxor ZDC lighting controller provides the ability to create a spectrum of 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology. This system also allows you to set your lighting in zones and dim them however you like, the control is remarkable! They have an amazing app that allows you to program dimming and color changes for different times of the evening but you can also use the controls to manually change your lighting any way you want, whenever you want. First hand, I had a lot of fun operating this system and the features were really fantastic.

You can group your lighting for specific functions, and then control levels for those specific groups. For example you can put all your path lighting in one group and your up lighting in another. Lets say you want to dim your lighting after midnight, well it's easy to set it and forget it.

This allows you so much control with your lighting and now with the addition of color, you can display your team pride at parties or set the mood for anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, you name it! Color temperatures can also be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering a variety of unique landscape looks throughout the year. Letting you change color temperature based on the seasons will really bring life to the changes your landscape creates, this before was an unheard of option but as a designer, it opens lighting up to a whole new level!

A living space also changes throughout the night depending on your activity. Using Luxor, you can illuminate a seating area, dining table, or spa at different times of the night or even on different days. Your lighting system should cater to your lifestyle and using the Luxor ZDC system, you can create myriads of scenes catered to the person and landscape.

They are so easy to operate once you have them installed and coded by a experienced lighting contractor and it will give you options you never before thought possible. With only two wires to connect each fixture nothing changes on setup with Luxor. Communication is sent over the same wires that are used to power each light using any wiring technique you choose.

Custom colors are created by combining three factors: hue, saturation, and intensity.

  • The hue is represented in the Luxor ZDC numerically from 0 to 359 to pinpoint the position on the color wheel.
  • Saturation is a percentage of hue which mixes white light with color, and can be adjusted in 1% increments between 1 and 100.
  • The color palette menu on the Luxor ZDC allows the user to save up to 250 custom colors by simply selecting the desired hue and saturation.

If you are looking to invest in a new lighting system for your home, I definitely think that looking into the Luxor ZDC fro FX Luminaire is well worth it. For those who entertain outdoors often, this will is a fantastic option to amaze your guests and get them talking.


Change your landscape lighting to set your moods, the options are only as limited as your imagination!

This lighting blog is published by Anthony Bogdanovich of Imagine Lighting Co., all rights reserved. Anthony is a lighting designer and installer who has been creating dramatic lighting effects for over the past decade. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please send us an email at


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Now that LED lighting is taking over the industry, the technology has allowed us to see light in a whole new way. Besides being more efficient and great for the environment, LED lighting offers a wide variety of color temperatures to help create the perfect mood and ambiance for any space.

For example, the light you want in your living room at night while watching TV should create a calm, warm and inviting atmosphere while at the office, a whiter and cleaner light is much better for productivity. Color temperature of light is broken down using the Kelvin scale.

There are 3 ranges of light that are mainly used for different environments :

Warm White (Up to 3000 K) : This range of light is perfect for producing a calm relaxing environment. Light in this range is great for bedrooms, living and dining rooms, restaurants and bars.

Cool White (3100 K to 4500 K) : This range of light is great for producing a friendly and inviting light, perfect for basements, garages and most work environments. Lighting in this range is great for daytime as productivity is essential during working hours.

Day Light / Full Spectrum (4600 K to 6500 K) : This range of light is best suited for display lighting, security lighting and in parking garages. This range of light is best suited when using security cameras as this light produces the most crisp and clean detail.

Another option to create specific moods for a particular setting or event is using colored light.

Colored Light : If you really want to set a specific mood as well, nothing works better than colored light. Red lights spark passion and are perfect for setting a romantic atmosphere while purple light can inspire creativity. Setting the mood and environment with the right light is a great way to get the results you want.

With LED lighting, color changing options make it easy to set the mood right at that moment and change that mood as needed with a simple remote control or even your smart phone. LED’s have made the lighting industry much more exciting because the technology is allowing to create dramatic effects that change with the times.

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Fiber Optic Down Lights

In everyday life, colors influence the way we feel mentally and physically. It's been scientifically proven that different colors enhance different moods. For example, purple has a relaxing and calming effect, perfect for times right before bed, while yellow is considered mentally stimulating, making us feel more awake.

Colors are in fact are very therapeutic and adding colored light to your home will create dramatic decorative effects for you and your guests to enjoy. Properly positioned, both up lighting and down lighting will enhance the beauty of your home, office or business, making the perfect environment for your meeting, party or event

A great way to achieve this look is with a fiber optic lighting kit.


Fiber Optic Wire Harness, Paver Fittings and Illuminator

Paver lighting kits are the perfect solution to floor level mood lighting, inside or out. They are particularly suited for color washing walls, steps, or any other architectural feature you may want to accentuate. Because they are fiber optic, there is zero electricity running through the cables and the fittings remain cool to the touch, making them perfectly safe to walk on, even in bare feet.

The fittings are manufactured from the highest quality polished stainless steel and glass, making them perfect for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Fibre optic pavers can be installed in: Wooden floors, decking, paving, stair skirting, concrete ( as marker lights for pathways or entrances), and tiles and provide mood lighting in any room, office or restaurant, and work fantastic even in wet rooms and pool areas.

Illuminators are the power source that shoot the light though your fiber optic harness and are available with different power sources. RGB LED controllers or color wheels allow you to manipulate the color you want, setting the perfect mood or environment.


They are a great way to add a little ambiance to common living spaces and changing colors gives you the option to have lighting that matches your mood.

Kits are easy to install and are all inclusive, making it a perfect and simple project that will create a dramatic new effect. When it comes to lighting, use your imagination!

This lighting blog is published by Anthony Bogdanovich of Imagine Lighting Co., all rights reserved. Anthony is a lighting designer and installer who has been creating dramatic lighting effects for the past decade. For more information or to schedule an appointment, email us at

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Now that spring is just around the corner, the weather is improving and soon the outdoors will be where everyone wants to spend the evenings. Landscape lighting in backyards and patio areas are a great way to extend those hours, especially when entertaining.
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LED Retrofits

LED modules have the ability to be completely customized to the application. From color temperature and light distribution to smart lighting controls and networkability, Solstice LED modules are the perfect fit for any lighting situation.

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